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Project X is an amazing new reading programme designed to motivate and engage 21st century children, especially boys!

Developed by leading educational publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP), Project X is the product of over four years of careful research in to what today\’s children really want to read about. OUP worked with the best experts, the best authors and the best illustrators to produce an extensive reading series for children aged 4-11.

That means the Project X titles have all the essential ingredients — cool characters, exciting storylines, action-packed adventures, 3D illustrations; and some amazing facts and photos in the non-fiction titles. They are great to read aloud, read alone, or read together!

Project X Characters

Project X supports young children through the early stages of learning to read, and keeps them hooked on reading as they grow older. And … it works!

Project X is the first reading programme researched and developed for 21st century children.

Project X is a high-quality whole-school programme designed to motivate 21st century children, especially boys, and raise literacy standards across schools.

App Features

  • Record your own voice for playback

  • Touch to talk

  • Touch to animate text

  • Title search with bookshelf and bookstore

  • Books categorised by age group and book band